Jan 30, 2007

Taking the Plunge

I think I've finally given up on politics. I find it utterly futile and stupid. So I'm not going to talk about politics anymore unless I just can't help myself. Hillary could get elected after all.

After over 3 years at my current job, I'm packing it in to head off on a real adventure. I'll be building an idea I've had for some time about providing software and services for the people who still use the roads and highways to travel.

I have found the various travel sites and map engines lacking in areas I think would provide a good deal of benefit for end users. Software I would actually use. The vehicle (no pun intended) for the software and services will be roadlogs.com. So watch that space and keep your pants on most of the day. You're safe to take them off at night.

I have no idea where that phrase originated. I think I'll go ask Jeeves....

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