Aug 22, 2005

LP Party results?

One thing that has always troubled me about the national and local Libertarian party organizations is the lack of office-holder tracking that occurs.

The party exclaims that there are over 300 libertarian office holders and occassionaly we get some great stories about their exploits in office, but there is no clearing house of information regarding what results are obtained by LP elected officials. Granted, some of these office holders are in so-called non-partisan offices. However, in more than one case, I have heard of libertarian office holders pushing to abolish the office, saving taxpayers thousands of dollars.

These sorts of stories need to be shouted from the rooftops.

The problem with most politicians is that they rarely, if ever, deliver on their promises, and if they do, the promises themselves are egregious violations of personal liberty.

It is my opinion that the LP would grow by leaps and bounds if only their elected officials' exploits were properly publicised. Protests and lawsuits are merely activism that will come to fruition at a later date, if ever. What have you done for me lately?

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